Decorate your workspace with inspiring stickers.

We offer unique, creative stickers that feature motivational quotes to help you stay focused on achieving your life goals and dreams. Get inspired and stay motivated - because your best self awaits!

Achieve Goals
Life Goals List brings fun and inspiring custom stickers. Our designs motivate, energize and remind individuals to go after their dreams with style. Express yourself and achieve life goals, choose from our large selection today!

Life Goals List has changed my life! I used to think that my future was uncertain and that I didn't have any control. But the art I purchased from Life Goals List has given me an anchor to focus on and stay motivated. I never knew that having an inspiring stickers at my workspace to remind me of my goals and dreams could be so powerful. Highly recommended!

- Robert, USA

Life Goals List stickers have transformed the way I organize my goals. I love how easy it is to customize my goals and the way the stickers look. The stickers are vibrant and high quality. Highly recommend!

- Alex S., USA

About us

My name is Livio and I am the founder of Life Goals List, a USA-based business specializing in life goal setting stickers and wall art.

I started this business to provide a fun and inspirational way for people to take control of their lives and make their life goals a reality. Our product line includes wall art, stickers and magnets that remind you of your goals, to help you stay on track and motivated. We also offer goal-setting blog, as well as videos. Our goal is to help people get clarity on what they want and need, and to create an action plan to reach their goals. Our mission is to empower and encourage people to reach their greatest potential. We know that if we can help our customers reach their goals, then we can help build healthier, more fulfilling lives.